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Welcome to The Beauty Journal

They say black is beauty. Is that all there is to beauty?

Smile like you got money.

‘You’re smiling like you have money’ , that’s what my colleague told me when I asked him to take a photo of me on our way home yersterday. I laughed because who said you can only smile when you got money? Society has molded us into thinking that money is everything. Well, yeah, money is everything but it comes to those who are happy. That’s why the say in order to be successful you have to enjoy what you do. In everything you do, do it from your soul and you will be flowing in joy. The most beautiful people are happy. So as we get into 2020, a new decade, smile and give thanks even if seeing this new year is all you got. If you start your year with gratitude you will end it with more things to be grateful for.

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by claricesunshine December 31,2019

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